Is it necessary to stretch yes or yes before and after exercise?

Most of us were taught as kids that not stretching before or after exercising is like a deadly sin. It is often said that if you skip your stretching routine, you will be more prone to suffer injuries, pain and, in general, a worse training. But is this concept backed by science? Is it really … Read more

He accepted the marriage proposal, but days later he dies from using the wrong spoon

Craig McKinnon was with his girlfriend Jess Prinsloo in South Africa. A cup of tea and a spoon marked the sad end for her. Craig McKinnon he had prepared everything for the trip to South Africa with his girlfriend Jess Prinsloo was unforgettable. Much of her family lives in South Africa, and for him there … Read more

Lionel Messi’s team will celebrate with the fans on Tuesday at the Obelisk

The French publication stopped a 4-3-3 team. And these were the 11 members of the ideal team. The goalkeeper, Livanovik (Croatia). A back line that is completed with Hakimi (Morocco), Saiss (Morocco), Gvardiol (Croatia), and Marcos Acuna (Argentina); the middle with Enzo Fernandez (Argentina), Amrabat (Morocco), and Luka Modric (Croatia). And up front, Saka (England) … Read more

The ordeal of a father who, 189 days later, received the call of his son, an Argentine imprisoned in the suffocating “pot of Africa”

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Oscar told Clarín the other side of a story of despair: his son Nicolás Bossie was detained in a jail in the hottest place in Mali, where “he did not see the sun.” His passport expired in a country where that is a crime. Oscar says that he has no more tears to … Read more

13 years later discover the truth

Writer Lindsay Cohen Karp received an unexpected medical diagnosis after years of suffering. A writer and mother of two children who he was in pain and had trouble walking was misdiagnosed for 13 years by doctors. They even recommended physical exercise. However, she eventually found out about the devastating truth. Lindsay Cohen Karp, 39 years … Read more