Saudi Arabia’s Support for Palestinian State: Appointment of First Palestinian Ambassador to East Jerusalem

2023-09-26 16:44:23 Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s first ever Palestinian ambassador to East Jerusalem was appointed today. The ambassador said that Saudi Arabia will continue to support the establishment of a Palestinian state. Ambassador-designate Naif Al-Sudairi handed over the letter of appointment to the Palestinian president. He took office before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The ambassador will … Read more

Self-Driving Transport World Congress: Empowering Transport Sector 4.0 in Dubai

2023-09-25 18:29:02 Dubai: The third edition of the Self-Driving Transport World Congress will begin tomorrow in Dubai. The ceremony will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The announcement of the winners of the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Challenge organized by RTA for the development of driverless vehicles will also be held as part of … Read more

Breaking the Midday Heat: 96 Companies Violating UAE Labor Laws Revealed

2023-09-19 17:35:03 Dubai: 96 companies violated the midday break rule announced by the UAE Ministry of Labor to give relief to outside workers from the intense heat. 1,13,000 sites were checked and 96 companies were found to have violated the law. This was revealed by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources. The midday break rule … Read more

Professional Verification Service: Authenticating Educational Qualifications and Experience for Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia

2023-09-19 16:58:03 Jeddah: Professional verification of foreigners has started in Saudi Arabia. The plan is to check the documents proving the educational qualification of those who are on work visa. In the first phase, 62 countries will cooperate to complete the inspection process. The Professional Verification Service was launched in collaboration with the Ministries of … Read more

Enhancing Security and Service at Dubai Ports and Airports: Smart Gate Expansion and Biometric System Implementation

2023-09-12 19:43:55 Dubai: Dubai has introduced new measures to enhance security and ensure better service at ports and airports. The smart gate service started at airports will be extended to seaports as well. Dubai Immigration officials stated that the measures including the expansion of the Smart Gate system will benefit both national security and travelers. … Read more

UAE’s Resilience in Oil and Non-Oil Sectors: A Closer Look at Accelerated Growth

2023-09-12 18:25:41 Dubai: UAE with huge boom in oil and non-oil sector. The UAE managed to excel in gross domestic product growth despite adverse conditions. This is explained in the reports prepared by various financial agencies UAE’s ability to jump in both oil and non-oil sectors is the main factor that accelerates the growth. The … Read more