“League of Legends” World Series EDG advances to the top four, RNG stops in the top eight, DK will face MAD “League of Legends” on Sunday night

  《League of Legends》The 2021 World Series held the quarter-finals on Saturday night. The second day of the knockout round was staged in the China LPL division. RNG played against EDG. As a result, the two sides played five games and EDG went to RNG with a 3:2 spirit. EDG successfully advanced to the semi-finals. EDG … Read more

Logitech G reveals that the joint product of the PRO series with the theme of “League of Legends” Hextech is scheduled to be released in November “League of Legends”

Logitech G announced theLeague of Legends》Jointly launched the PRO series of co-branded products, covering PRO wireless mouse, PRO X gaming headset microphone, PRO mechanical gaming keyboard, G840 XL gaming mouse pad, etc., which are scheduled to be launched in Taiwan on November 4. Following Logitech and “League of Legends“After the hero girl group K/DA merchandise, … Read more

“League of Legends” World Series for the first time in a four-party playoff, GEN, MAD advance to the quarter-finals will stage two civil wars of LPL and LCK “League of Legends”

  《League of Legends》The group D of the 2021 World Series began last night in the second round of six matches. The four teams from Korea GEN, North America TL, China LNG, and Europe MAD all achieved 3 wins and 3 losses, making it the first time in the history of the World Series that the … Read more

“League of Legends” 100T water ghost tactics successfully pulled down EDG, T1 qualified as the first seed of Group B | 4Gamers

The “League of Legends” World Series 2021 is in full swing. In the group match held on the evening of yesterday (16), the established team T1 won 3 wins in the second round and advanced to the top eight in the group, while EDG was in the group match. At the last moment, they lost … Read more

“League of Legends” will be closed [所有人] Chat channel to maintain harmony in the canyon | 4Gamers

Players who have played “League of Legends” will more or less use chat channels to communicate with teammates or to communicate with the enemy team. However, most players who use the full channel may not be friendly, and they will form over time. The vicious breath of verbal abuse at each other.In order to maintain … Read more