Colombian Health Reform Project Approved in the House: What’s Next in the Senate?

2023-12-06 01:18:01 With a slow start to the last debate on the health reform project in the House of Representatives, finally around 7:50 pm the articles were approved to move on to the next phase: discussion in the Senate. On Monday night, after failing to reach an agreement regarding article 42, the session was adjourned … Read more

Defending Capitalism: A Sociologist’s Perspective on the Future of the Free Market

2023-11-21 11:34:25 Capitalism is under attack and needs someone to defend it. Under this premise, the sociologist and historian Rainer Zitelmann has adopted a task that may not be very popular: defend a system that today is associated with the problems facing humanity. Zitelmann, aligned with historian Deirdre McCloskey, has been making a strong defense … Read more

The Best Cities to Live in Colombia: A Ranking Based on Cost of Living and Quality of Life

2023-09-30 22:11:26 The cost of living is one of the factors to consider when deciding to change residence, or if it is already certain that you will move to another city, Being clear about the values ​​of aspects such as rent and transportation will be essential to creating a budget. For this reason, the … Read more

Adrien Chabrier Takes Over as General Manager of Sanofi’s General Medicine unit for the Americas, Focusing on Chronic Disease Solutions

2023-07-15 05:04:24 Adrien Chabrier will take over as the new general manager of the General Medicine unit for the Sanofi region Tree. Chabrier has been part of the French biopharmaceutical company for six years. In addition, he will be in charge of the portfolio of medicines and therapeutic solutions, focused on responding to the health … Read more

The Gilinski Group and Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA) Announce Agreement and Contracts for Majority Shareholding in Nutresa

2023-06-16 12:00:00 Once the 15 days have elapsed since it was known the agreement between the Gilinski Group and the leaders of the companies of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA) the companies announced how the agreement and contracts will be carried out so that Jgdb, Nugil and IHC (Gilinski companies and their partners) become the … Read more

“Chile’s Constitutional Council Election Results: Far-Right Republican Party Emerges as Winner”

2023-05-08 02:14:50 Financial Newspaper – Santiago Chileans voted on Sunday in the election of the Constitutional Councilwhich will define the 25 men and 25 women who will work a new basic text proposal -based on the preliminary draft being prepared by the Expert Commission-, after the rejection of the one carried out by the Convention … Read more