Can the son win the election and replace the father?Zhuo Guanting: Lin Mingqin, who said he would not be elected, is going to be a legislator again | Politics | Newtalk News

Voting for the by-election of Nantou legislators will be held on March 4, and registration will be accepted from January 9 to 13. DPP candidate Cai Peihui will go to the Nantou County Election Commission to register at 9:00 am on the 11th, while the KMT candidate and retired county magistrate Lin Mingqin will also … Read more

The footage of Wu Yinong kneeling on the ground in a car accident while running on the trip exposed the Internet to find “a doubtful point” – Politics – Zhongshi News

Wu Yinong (right) encountered a car accident in Neihu while running the trip, and immediately got out of the car to take care of the injured, and did not leave until the ambulance arrived to take over. (China Times file photo/photo by Zhang Kaiyi) Facebook users leave a message. (Figure / screenshot from Facebook) The … Read more

Peasant women retreat?Wu Yinong confirms: registered marriage in October and exposes his wife’s background-Politics

Wu Yinong, who represented the Democratic Progressive Party in the by-election of the legislators of the third constituency in Taipei City, was found wearing a ring while running the itinerary. He admitted that he had registered his marriage with his girlfriend outside the circle in October. (China Times File Photo / Photo by Chen Yiyun) … Read more

Wu Yinong does not put up a billboard to run for the election, causing the green camp to worry. Zhou Yukou said that he may be afraid of people saying, “Has good looks but no brains?” | Politics | Newtalk News

Wu Yinong, who will represent the Democratic Progressive Party in the legislative by-election, went to Wang Shijian’s service office on Changchun Road in the afternoon to investigate and set up the campaign headquarters.Photo: Zhang Liangyi/photo The by-election for the legislators of Taipei’s third constituency (Zhongshan, Beisongshan) will be held on January 8. The Democratic Progressive … Read more

Wu Yinong was smeared when he was recruited. PTT suspected that he was so eager to ridicule the Internet | Politics | Newtalk News

Although Wu Yinong, the chairman of “Magnificent Taiwan”, has stepped down from the party, his popularity remains high. In this local election, he has worked hard to support the election from the south to the north.Picture: Taken from Magnificent Taiwan Wu Yinong’s Facebook/New Head Shell post-production In the by-election of the Taipei City Legislative Committee, … Read more