Unnatural scene.. A lion eating grass in an animal barn in Khartoum!

A strange and unfamiliar video of a lion eating grass spread inside an animal pen in Khartoum. The strange clip, which was met with great astonishment, showed a crouching lion behind the walls of an animal barn, and it began to chew the grass. The Sudan Wildlife Park confirmed that the scene appears strange and … Read more

A herd of lions attacked a stray buffalo, one was gored through the armpit

The video was recorded at the Mala Mala reserve, South Africa. In the clip, when discovering a wild buffalo wandering alone, 5 animals lion quickly approached. As soon as they approach their prey, the lions rush to attack from many sides, despite the wild buffalo’s frantic resistance. While bracing, a the lioness was injured It’s … Read more

These “4 constellations” are so happy! In the next 2 years, the God of Wealth will support the Taurus and bring wealth, and the Lion will not worry about performance | Life | CTWANT

There are 4 major constellations, and you will have no worries about your wealth luck in the next 2 years. (Schematic / pixabay) Everyone works hard every day to make money. What everyone hopes is to improve their quality of life and make themselves comfortable. Now it is the end of the year and the … Read more