While surfing TikTok, the girl discovered a shocking secret about her boyfriend

It is undeniable that the birth of Tiktok marks a step forward in the development of entertainment media channels and social networks. It is a place to share countless moments and is seen as a means of making it easier for people to connect with each other. But for the girl in the story below, … Read more

Loved passionately for 1 year, then discovered that the lover had a girlfriend for 10 years, about to get married

My ex-lover is 6 years older than me, because he’s older, he always knows how to give in and pamper me to the fullest, and also understands the girl’s personality when angry to comfort me. However, after dating for a few months, the two of us met less than at first because he was busy … Read more

In the afternoon, when my husband arrived at the wharf, he was still criticized for love… out of tune

I consider myself to be the type of “following my husband to the wharf” but for some reason, my husband still complains that I am “lack of character… resonant. Thuy (HCMC) I don’t know if you have a pun, but you agree, try to discuss with women, what’s the difference between “afternoon arrival” and “lack … Read more

Confused because of infertility, but the lover reported pregnancy and asked for a new marriage for DNA testing

At the beginning of the new year, I had a headache with my lover. The story is that on the 5th day of Tet, the lover announced that she was pregnant. It would have been good news if I had been told I was infertile by my doctor 10 years ago. I am 32 years … Read more

Just proposed, his girlfriend’s parents challenged him to marry 1 billion, on the 5th day of the New Year, the boy made a shocking “flip”

Chien and I have been in love for more than a year, good feelings, he treats me wholeheartedly, before Tet Chien proposed to me with a lovely ring. When he wants to eat Tet, he will talk to his parents so that they can come to my house to talk officially. I received my boyfriend’s … Read more

Husband and wife messed up the whole New Year because their husband asked for love on New Year’s Eve

For more than 2 years, NHT went to work abroad, only on the occasion of the Lunar New Year could he return to visit his family, wife and children. During a week of going up and down to visit relatives, then immersed in the year-end party… Mr. T felt tired. It was only on the … Read more