Lula explained to the CGT what progressive governments are for | The former president of Brazil with Pepe Mujica in the labor union

“There was no president who put more money than Néstor (Kirchner) and Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner) in the town, and I in Brazil. Nobody can name a work by (Jair) Bolsonaro or (Mauricio) Macri. Actually, Macri he left a work: the giant debt for Alberto to pay, “said Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the … Read more

In Brazil, love and tenderness, the political weapons of candidate Lula

Under the full moon, Lula, all smiles, embraces her beloved. He is in a t-shirt and swimming trunks, and draws the eye to his muscular thigh. It only took a few seconds for this photo published by Rosângela da Silva, nicknamed Janja, Lula’s companion, to propel the keywords “Lula”, “thigh” or “slip” in the top … Read more

Lula prepares the ground to challenge Bolsonaro for the presidency

The former leftist president travels the country seeking support from the center and center-right for next year’s elections, although he has not yet made his candidacy official The leader of the Workers’ Party also tries to win the favor of the evangelicals, a group of great strength, and the confidence of the military, suspicious of … Read more

Bolsonaro and the game of permanent threat

The far-right leader does not stop tightening the rope and invokes the unlimited support of the military for his administration The Brazilian president is being investigated by two of the main judicial instances in the country “Who do they want to intimidate?“. Jair Bolsonaro redoubled his bravado bet after a week of successive stumbles. The … Read more

Lula is emerging as the winner of the Brazilian elections of 2022

A recent poll attributes an intention to vote of 49% to the former president compared to 23% that Bolsonaro would obtain Jair Bolsonaro visited days ago the Jucurutu prey, on Rio Grande do Norte. Before leaving, the president of Brazil a picture was taken with a group of workers. Several workmen made with the fingers … Read more