The Crown shines in Emmy; Best Actress Kate Winslet

The Crown and Ted Lasso shine at the 73rd Emmy Awards. The Crown has won 11 awards, including Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress. Evan McGregor and Kate Winslet are the best actor and actress in the limited series category. Netflix has won a record 44 awards a year. The Crown has won seven … Read more

Thiruvampadikkaran is a star in English cinema

Thiruvampadikkaran is a star in English cinema. Born in Thiruvambadi, Ebin Antony starred in the English suspense thriller ‘Spokane’ released on Amazon Prime. Ebin shines as the character ‘Taylor’ who loves the protagonist ‘Lena’. Written and directed by Tenil Ransom, the film tells the story of students participating in a scholarship competition at a summer … Read more

The scene is now in Indonesian

Drishyam, one of the biggest super hits of all time in Malayalam, is being remade in Indonesian. The remake of the film, which has already been remade in four Indian languages ​​and two foreign languages, is unmatched by any other film. Producer Antony Perumbavoor himself shared the information. We are happy to announce that ‘Drishyam’ … Read more

Daniel Craig’s last Bond film; No time to die trailer

The final trailer of the 25th movie in the James Bond series ‘No Time to Die’ has arrived. This is also the last picture of Daniel Craig wearing Bond’s shirt. The film is directed by Carrie Joji Fukwanka. The movie will hit theaters on September 30 this year. The film begins with Bond arriving in … Read more

BJP MP Suresh Gopi reacts to Cow dung trolls | Suresh Gopi: There is no dissatisfaction with the dung call, don’t stop that call … Suresh Gopi

Ernakulam: Actor, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi says he is proud to describe people like himself as “dung”. He said he was not dissatisfied with the “dung” call and that the call should not be stopped. Suresh Gopi responds to media query on cow dungSuresh Gopi). Suresh Gopi was present at the … Read more

Fear that something will happen to the mother: Seema G. with the video. Son of Nair

Actress Seema G says her mother is still reeling from the shock of Saranya’s demise. Son of Nair. Seema’s son Aromal revealed this through his YouTube channel Snehaseema. Aromal says that his mother is crying and tired without eating. ‘The mother is still not back to normal. No courage to call mother. Still bursting into … Read more