Meeting candidates, new race for innovation for recruiters

2023-12-06 06:00:08 “Submit your CV and win 100,000 euros and many other prizes! » In June 2022, due to not receiving enough applications, the recruitment firm Lynks Partner launched an attractive lottery. To try your luck, all you had to do was register on the dedicated site and invite two other candidates with a bac … Read more

When, in business, “productivity” tools like Slack and Teams give the illusion of efficiency

2023-12-05 08:39:41 Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack Technologies, at the Dreamforce 2023 conference, in San Francisco, California, September 14, 2023. JOSH EDELSON / AFP “You have 7,564 unread messages in 24 channels. » It’s Monday morning, and like many office workers, you receive this automatic email from the Slack virtual workspace installed by your company … Read more

sustainability avenues for working at all ages

2023-11-27 07:30:02 45% of “NER” (neither employed nor retired) aged 55 to 61 are there for reasons of health or disability; 63% report having a chronic or lasting illness or health problem. From age 62, this rate decreases thanks to retirement. These INSEE figures partly explain why, given the aging of the active population, “the … Read more

Jose Mourinho: Building Trust and Success with Roma Bosses

2023-11-26 08:33:00 Original title: Mourinho: Roma boss must trust me, my job is not to cause trouble for the boss As a highly respected and widely followed football coach, Jose Mourinho often plays an important role between club management and owners. Recently, as the head coach of Roma Football Club, he emphasized the importance of … Read more

Language Tics: How to Spot a Liar at Work – Cursed Job with Olivier Schmouker

2023-11-21 19:35:07 The idea is not to look for nervous tics, but rather language tics. (Photo: Drew Hays for Unsplash) CURSED JOB! is a section where Olivier Schmouker answers your most juicy questions [et les plus pertinentes] about the modern business world… and, of course, its shortcomings. An appointment to read the Tuesdays and the … Read more

Applying to Your Former Employer: Tips, Strategies, and Considerations for Success

2023-11-19 15:03:00 But applying to your former employer cannot be improvised and requires preparation in a very specific way. “It’s a decision that is not taken lightly or easily.” 1. Consider the reason for leaving Before you start applying to a previous employer, it’s important to think about why you left. “People sometimes leave a … Read more