“France has no choice”, according to Marine Le Pen

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed “France has no choice” and must leave Burkina Faso after the request made by the local authorities, according to the president of the RN (National Rally) group, at the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen. During a television interview broadcast on Monday morning on BFMTV, the former presidential candidate … Read more

“Africans are not the only victims of Emmanuel Macron’s contempt”, criticizes Marine Le Pen

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP During her trip to Dakar, the leader of the RN felt that the head of state did not respect the sovereignty of Senegal. She left her troops the fight against pension reform and took off this week … Read more

In Senegal, Marine Le Pen was received by President Macky Sall

Par Le Figaro Posted on 01/20/2023 at 1:30 p.m., Update on 01/20/2023 at 15:26 ILLUSTRATION IMAGES – Marine Le Pen and Macky Sall. François BOUCHON-Sébastien SORIANO / LE FIGARO (ILLUSATION IMAGES) According to Pointthe one-hour interview would have been held at the Dakar Palace, and would have focused on “the necessary cooperation” between the two … Read more

Outrage in Senegal after Marine Le Pen’s three-day visit to Dakar

Published on : 19/01/2023 – 13:34 The president of the National Rally (RN) group in the Assembly, Marine Le Pen, has made a three-day trip to Senegal, but the visit of the former French presidential candidate has sparked strong reactions in the country. MP and former Prime Minister Aminata Touré says to herself “ scandalized … Read more

“Pension reform, the expected dividends of Marine Le Pen”

Marine Le Pen’s base is both the most numerous and the most coherent against the Borne reform. GONZALO FUENTES/REUTERS COUNTERPOINT – The double presidential finalist could well be the first political beneficiary of the refusal of retirement at 64 years old. Left for three days in Senegal – she pleads in L’Opinion for an African … Read more