School Dress Code Controversies: The Battle for Dress Code Compliance

2023-12-05 17:33:00 High school may be a long time ago for you, but one thing is highly possible: you must have probably one day, in your youth, been remarked on your outfit. In Belgium, the regulations on Bermuda shorts for boys and skirts for girls can sometimes be picky but that’s nothing compared to the … Read more

planet Earth is threatened! Asteroids approaching, the time for vigilance has come!

2023-11-19 12:00:00 Several asteroids threaten Earth! Marc Hay 19/11/2023 13:00 7 min In the silent darkness of space, asteroids lurk, potential threats hovering over our planet. Their erratic trajectories sometimes bring them close to the Earth, raising concerns and questions regarding our vulnerability to these celestial colossi. But how much of a threat do these … Read more

The Earth is releasing gases several billion years old: a threat to the planet?

2023-10-27 05:00:00 The traces of helium and neon spotted by geochemists come from the core, the bowels of our planet Earth. Anthony Kaczmarek 27/10/2023 07:00 4 min Sorry to start this article with a dirty sentence, but yes, the Earth releases gases, and even very old gases! An already well-known phenomenon, except that this time, … Read more

WHO is concerned about the progression of dengue in Europe, the United States and sub-Saharan Africa

2023-10-10 22:42:18 Faced with rising temperatures, dengue threatens to spread to the southern United States, southern Europe and Africa. The WHO is calling for increased preparedness for this rapidly expanding disease, exacerbated by climate change and urbanization. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] Interview: is the fight once morest mosquitoes endless? With the arrival … Read more

Controversial Incident at the Versailles Rectorate: Threatening Letter and Alleged Sexual Touching Sparks Outrage

2023-09-22 07:51:40 The Versailles rectorate once once more in the eye of the storm. According to BFMTV, a father received a threatening letter, similar to the one sent to the mother of Nicolas, the teenager who committed suicide following being harassed. He received this letter following filing a complaint and reporting sexual touching by an … Read more

Dangerous Arrest of Khalid, an Illegal Immigrant, for Threatening Behavior in Liège

2023-09-10 14:42:14 Saturday evening, Khalid, 40 years old and illegally staying in Belgium, was arrested in the Sainte-Marguerite district of Liège. The man appeared to be under the influence of drugs. On several occasions, witnesses saw him walking around shirtless and threatening the owner of a café on rue Sainte-Marguerite in Liège. The first time, … Read more

Chaotic Friday Night Altercation at Cafe in Oupeye: Knife-Wielding Man and Gun-Brandishing Mother Arrested

2023-08-12 16:10:00 Hectic end of the evening this Friday around 11 p.m. in a café in Oupeye. There was an altercation between a 27-year-old young man and the customers present. The young man left the cafe but returned a few moments later with a bread knife… and with his parents! The young man threatened customers … Read more