Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Medical Students: Understanding the High Rates of Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and Suicidal Ideation

2023-09-26 21:35:07 41% of medical students present symptoms of depression and one in four suffers anxiety. He burnout It affects 37% of them and 11% present suicidal ideation, according to the latest study prepared by the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) and the Spanish Society of Medical Education. Although the problem is not new, … Read more

Unlocking Emotional Well-Being: The Power of Hobbies and Activities

2023-09-24 20:50:00 Having emotional well-being may seem, at first glance, something simple, but it is not. We must work on our emotions to feel good and have a full life, in which we know ourselves, are able to adapt to the ups and downs of life and have the necessary flexibility to learn new things. … Read more

Early Detection and Treatment of Adolescent Depression: Insights from Brain Imaging

2023-09-24 18:01:46 By Anne Prigent Published 2 minutes ago, Updated 2 minutes ago Professor Jean-Luc Martinot has carried out work showing that depression and anxiety lead to brain changes in adolescents even before symptoms appear. 351213493/zakalinka – INTERVIEW – Child psychiatrist, Professor Jean-Luc Martinot pleads for early care for the most vulnerable adolescents. Professor … Read more

State of Mind: Apple’s Revolutionary Mental Health Feature for Personal Wellness

2023-09-24 06:40:00 Key Pionts: “State Of Mind” is a new feature of the Health application from “Apple” that helps take care of the mental health and process the emotional state of users. The highlight of State Of Mind is that it helps filter. “Depression” and “Anxiety” 24 hours a day. The State Of Mind feature … Read more

Exploring Mental Health and Finding Comfort in Times of Crisis

2023-09-20 22:24:39 The mental health It is a delicate issue, hidden for a long time, but which came to light in the midst of the long quarantines to which countries like Colombia were subjected due to the pandemic. All this, together with the guerra in different parts of the world, the global warming of which … Read more

Why Do Older People Talk to Themselves? Causes, Concerns, and Normalcy Explained

2023-09-19 01:48:05 Why do older people talk to themselves? This is a question that often worries us, but the answer is not as simple as it seems. Talking to yourself may be a common activity for people of all ages, but when it comes to older people, it’s natural for concerns about their mental health … Read more