This Friday they will no longer open vaccination modules in CDMX

MEXICO CITY. This Friday, February 19, the Vaccination Units that were installed during this week in the municipalities of Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras and Milpa Alta … Read more

Health crisis ‘sets foot’ on sport; only 4 out of 10 exercise

MEXICO CITY. During the year the pandemic began by covid-19, single four out of 10 Mexicans they tried to exercise. 44 percent of those who … Read more

Alert for intense cold in these 7 mayors of CDMX

Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive. MEXICO CITY. Seven mayors of Mexico City are on Yellow Alert due to the forecast of low temperatures between 05:00 and … Read more

‘I’m from the IMSS, I’m vaccinated’; so they get him off the Metro for not wearing a face mask

MEXICO CITY. A young man who arrogantly claimed to be vaccinated and to be a worker of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) was forcibly … Read more

Metro Line 1 stations are flooded with sewage

MEXICO CITY. Stations of Metro Line 1 were flooded with wastewater, since the sump system did not work for several days due to the lack … Read more

Coronavirus Activate code blue for covid-19 cases

MEXICO CITY. The harsh reality of the covid-19 pandemic and the lack of supplies to meet the high demand for medical care led the authorities … Read more

They study the case of a doctor hospitalized after receiving anticovid vaccine

They analyzed the case of a 32-year-old doctor who was hospitalized after presenting a clinical reaction shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine MEXICO CITY Authorities … Read more

Suspected hitmen face policemen after chase

MEXICO CITY. Two alleged hitmen who minutes before had murdered a man in Venustiano Carranza’s mayor’s office were detained by police officers from the Secretariat … Read more