More and more people pay attention to vitamin K! What is the difference between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2? Is side money good for bone health? Where can vitamin K2 be found? -Healthy life-Healthy life Health-ET Net Mobile

In recent years, many people have become more interested in vitamin K. One reason is that more research on vitamin K has been published in recent years, and the other reason is that there are vitamin supplements, such as calcium tablets, that also contain vitamin K. (picture provided by the author) What is Vitamin K? … Read more

Fractures occur more frequently in countries that drink a lot of milk … “ Shocking research results ” that overturn the image of “ milk = bones ” High nutritional value does not make you healthy | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

Is it true that drinking milk makes you taller and thicker? Science journalist Tetsu Ikuta said, “If you’re well-nourished, your height is determined by genetics. Drinking milk doesn’t make you taller. The latest research also shows that drinking milk increases your risk of fractures. The danger has been pointed out, and there is no evidence … Read more

Many places in China are now “pouring milk and killing cows” Dairy farmers: ranches lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a month | Hebei | Inner Mongolia | Shandong

[The Epoch Times, January 08, 2023]Due to insufficient consumer demand, there is a surplus of raw milk in China.Hebei、Inner Mongolia、ShandongThe phenomenon of “dumping milk and killing cows” has appeared in many areas. Many industry insiders predict that the price of raw milk may continue its downward trend in 2023. A man in Suzhou City, Anhui … Read more

Camel milk is an effective treatment for autism and multiple sclerosis. It can be treated with the stings of this insect! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The specialist in alternative medicine, Muhammad Al-Amiri, said that multiple sclerosis is pressure on the back and neck vertebrae, as a result of stress. He added during an interview with Al-Resala channel that stress for months or long years leads to pressure of the vertebrae on the nerves, which causes paresthesia in the … Read more

Argentina won the championship and “saved” Yili, but the halo of “Naimao” faded

Qatar World Cup this year,Yili can be described as “strike hard”, sponsoring four national teams and signing five stars in one go. However, Benzema retired from the game before, and Ronaldo was out later. The continuous “bad news” seems to have made Yili’s marketing plan come to nothing. Fortunately, Argentina finally won the championship, saving … Read more