Lebanon’s Health Crisis: Counterfeit Ozambik Injections and the Impact on Diabetes Patients

2023-11-29 05:44:01 Lebanese health officials said that 11 people suffered attacks of alarmingly low blood sugar this year, and that one of them was transferred to a hospital on suspicion of using a fraudulent injection of the drug Ozambik, which is produced by Novonordisk for diabetics. Rita Karam, an official at the Ministry of Public … Read more

Fantastic videos and photos from the wedding of the century.. It cost the newlyweds about 50 million dollars

2023-11-27 06:25:14 The wedding of Americans Madeleine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone topped the trend because they organized their wedding in a royal style, which made social media users call it “the wedding of the century.” The legendary wedding, which received the lion’s share of media coverage, took place in the French capital, Paris. It cost … Read more

Tragic Case of Psychogenic Polydipsia in 2021: The Story of Michelle Whitehead’s Untimely Death from Drinking Too Much Water

2023-11-25 04:20:00 In an unfortunate incident that occurred in 2021, a “wonderful mother” died from a brain injury after drinking too much water. In detail, in 2021, Michelle Whitehead was admitted to a hospital in England.According to the investigation, on the afternoon of May 5, two days after her admission to the hospital, Michelle was … Read more

Digital Bros: Parent company of 505 Games announces layoffs – ntower

2023-11-16 21:00:00 The ongoing layoffs in the video game industry show no sign of stopping. Not only do employees of the… TimeSplitters-Studios Free Radical Design fear for their jobs, too Unity announced planned layoffs. Now it’s time Digital Bros and announces that the company is also short Cut 30 percent of their jobs want. Digital … Read more

Alaa Mubarak’s Controversial Music Video Sparks Debate and Responses on Social Media

2023-11-16 04:33:29 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Alaa, the son of former Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, responded to comments he received after publishing a video clip with a song on his official page on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Among the comments, the owner of the account, Mahmoud Khamis, wrote a comment in … Read more

Power Boosters: Discover How Strawberries Fuel Your Fitness and Enhance Athletic Performance

2023-10-24 14:37:46 Strawberries are part of an optimal diet for fitness-conscious people and athletes. With the power fruit you can build up strength quickly and effectively. The many nutrients in strawberries would help very well to maintain performance, says personal trainer Nina Kersting. The qualified sports economist and state-recognized nutritionist recommends that her clients definitely … Read more