How Gu Yanchang’s Team Has Protected More Than 160 Hooded Cranes and Maintained Wetland Diversity for 20 Years

2023-06-04 04:48:03 June 04, 2023 12:48:03 Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily Author: Ma Yimei Li Jian There is such a group of people who stick to the Dazhan River Wetland, the “Hometown of Hooded Cranes” day after day and year after year. Under difficult conditions, they silently guarded the hooded cranes without complaint or regret, allowing … Read more

[Graphics MANIAC by Zenji Nishikawa]Are ultra-wide screens better for games than multi-monitors? Recommended “Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor” (2)-PC Watch

2023-05-28 21:11:00 This serial series has begun to take up the world of “ultra wide gaming” where PC games are played with ultra wide aspect ratios of 21: 9 and 32: 9, which are wider than the 16: 9 aspect ratio. In the previous 1st installment, I delivered the contents of the feeling that covers … Read more

“A 6-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing in School in Vietnam: The Truth Behind the Funny Incident Revealed”

2023-05-16 12:14:56 A 6-year-old girl went missing in school in Vietnam a few days ago. (Picture / Recap from docabo) A 6-year-old girl in Vietnam suddenly disappeared from school a few days ago, causing panic among teachers, principals and parents. After the police were reported for investigation, they saw 2 masked men suspected of entering … Read more

“Teachers caught deceiving parents and students about school closure- Al-Marsad News”

2023-04-28 17:30:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Ekhbariya channel published a report in which it revealed that teachers were monitored informing students that there was no school day before it started. The announcer explained: “Teachers were observed standing at six o’clock in the morning in front of a school in Riyadh, telling parents that they cannot drop their … Read more

“Optimizing Display Scaling and Pixel Density for Windows PCs”

2023-04-28 21:21:00 Windows is designed on the assumption that it can display at 96dpi. This is no longer a fact. On top of that, various solutions are offered. Now that we have been freed from the corona wreck and have more opportunities to take out laptops, let’s review the screen display of our favorite PCs … Read more

“ASUS Launches New Portable ZenScreen Monitors and ProArt Displays for Video Editors”

2023-04-21 05:30:00 ASUS launched the new ZenScreen series of portable monitors MB249C, which can be matched with a variety of accessories; and the new generation of ProArt Display PA279CRV / PA329CRV monitors are tailor-made for video editors. , not only adopts easy-to-recycle paper packaging, but also has energy efficiency performance that meets environmental standards. ASUS … Read more