“SorJor.Trat” confirms that foreign tourists, young foreigners, have not found “small pox” infection, waiting for results from Chulalongkorn University.

August 8, 2022 from the case foundforeign male tourists 32 years old, traveling to Koh Chang, Trat province, has suspected symptoms. smallpox or monkey pox … Read more

“Small pox” 2022 stubborn doctor opens 5 important issues

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Check the symptoms of “small pox”, be careful, how to prevent it, not to risk it.

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9 preventive measures for “smallpox” Dr. Chalermchai suggests that it is not as worrying as COVID-19

Dr. Chalermchai Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan, Vice Chairman of the Senate Public Health Commission, posted through blockdit personal “One hundred and eight thousand nine with Dr. … Read more