Stability in Quebec, worsening of the situation in Ontario

Quebec reported a stable number of new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, while its neighbor Ontario still saw its numbers increase worryingly compared to the … Read more

Canada exceeds 500,000 cases

Canada passed the psychological barrier of 500,000 COVID-19 cases on Saturday since the start of the pandemic. The country had 501,594 infections in the evening. … Read more

Schools, workplaces, hospitals: an “alarming” increase in cases

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Jean Coutu: workers withdrawn from the Varennes distribution center

About twenty people were withdrawn from the Jean Coutu distribution center in Varennes, Montérégie, where a lockout has been underway since September 24. Metro, owner … Read more

680 Jean Coutu employees locked out

The 680 unionized employees at Jean Coutu’s central warehouse in Varennes, Montérégie, learned this morning when they entered work that they were locked out, learned … Read more

The 2 meters distance forgotten by campers

The many holidaymakers who invaded the campsites for the weeks of construction hardly respect the physical distance, entrusted site managers. • Read also: Mauricie: vacations … Read more