OECD predicts “vigorous” growth globally

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development explains this growth by the continued deployment of vaccination and the gradual recovery of economic activity now underway, … Read more

The BAM organizes auctions for the purchase of foreign currencies

While specifying that Morocco’s foreign exchange reserves amounted to 313 billion dirhams, or $ 34.7 billion, the same source said that the central bank has … Read more

Instagram is toxic to the mental health of young girls

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Israeli Defense and Economy ministers soon in Morocco

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private paediatricians volunteer to vaccinate students

According to our colleagues from Médias24, the ACPP Association (Casablancaise Association of Private Paediatricians) will take charge of two pupil vaccination centers, the Ibn Toumert … Read more

Morocco takes part in an international declaration for the evacuation of foreigners and refugees

As countries race against time to evacuate their nationals from Afghanistan, Morocco is joining the international effort, taking part in a joint declaration, alongside several … Read more