Latest Earthquakes in Peru: Tremors, Magnitude and Reports | Comprehensive Coverage on Google News

2023-11-25 20:21:13 Tremor in Peru today, Saturday, November 25: reports of the latest earthquakes The Peru CommerceA 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook the Arequipa region this morning RPP NewsTremor today in Peru: what magnitude was the last earthquake on November 25, according to IGP? The Republic of PeruEARTHQUAKE in Peru today, November 25: Reports from the … Read more

Peru Seismic Activity: Updates, Reports, and Alerts – November 22

2023-11-22 22:27:20 TODAY Tremor in Peru via the IGP: report and seismic alert for Wednesday, November 22 The Peru CommerceTODAY’s tremor in Peru, November 22: time and epicenter of the earthquake, according to IGP The Republic of PeruSHAKE today in Peru, November 22 via IGP: How many degrees was the last earthquake and epicenter? The … Read more

Coastal Flooding Crisis in Kenya: Impact of El Nino Phenomenon and Humanitarian Response

2023-11-20 20:49:28 For several weeks, torrential rains have hit the coastal regions of Kenya. The city of Mombasa, the second largest in the country, is completely flooded. The entire Horn of Africa is bearing the brunt of the El Nino climatic phenomenon, a warming of the Indian and Pacific Oceans which results in heavy rains. … Read more

Peru Earthquake Reports: IGP Findings on Monday, November 20 – Latest News & Updates

2023-11-20 14:43:03 Tremor in Peru: seismic report for Monday, November 20 according to IGP The Peru CommerceA 4.2 earthquake was recorded in Zarumilla, Tumbes infobaeTremor in Peru today, Monday, November 20: time, magnitude and epicenter via IGP The Republic of PeruTremor in Peru today, November 20: Reports of the last earthquake via IGP, epicenter and … Read more

Peru Earthquakes: Latest News, Updates, and Reports from IGP

2023-11-19 06:09:23 Tremor in Peru on Saturday, November 18: magnitude report of the last earthquake via IGP The Peru CommercePeru: a magnitude 4 earthquake was recorded in Arequipa infobaeA 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook the Arequipa region this morning RPP NewsTremor in Peru: report of the last earthquake on Sunday, November 19 The Peru CommerceA 4.1 … Read more

severe disruptions on the roads and railways of a large quarter of north-west France

2023-11-02 09:34:42 Municipal employees cut and move fallen trees on Île-Tudy (Finistère), November 2, 2023. FRED TANNEAU/ AFP Faced with exceptionally strong winds from Storm Ciaran, the transport networks in north-west France were particularly tested on the morning of Thursday, November 2. After very violent gusts in Finistère, in the early hours of the morning, … Read more