Mutual benefit and win-win sincerity strikes Audi Q4 e-tron dimensionality reduction attack-Sina Automobile

In recent years, the wave of new energy has been huge. Under such an era background, as one of the old car manufacturers with a long history and cultural heritage, Audi is naturally unwilling to lag behind in the field of new energy. In 2022, Audi Q4 e-tron, the first luxury pure electric SUV based … Read more

Changzhou, Jiangsu: Integrating advantageous industries and capital to create a “new energy capital”

On the banks of Taihu Lake, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the city. Changzhou has the exquisite scenery of “Jiangnan water town” and the cultural heritage of “Piling Shiguo Millennium Story” and “Hometown of Qi and Liang in the Southern Dynasties”. In the past 30 years, the triumphant song in the capital market has … Read more

The value brought by Great Wall Motor Hi4 in the era of new energy involution-Sina Automobile

In the new energy era, if you want to get the “ticket” for the second half, you can only gain a firm foothold in this era by continuously upgrading technology, creating a sound ecosystem, and meeting or exceeding users’ expectations for product experience.   What is Hi4? Hi4 is the intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology pioneered … Read more

Faraday Future: FF 91 Futurist quasi-production car is undergoing final debugging work-Sina Automobile

Faraday Future (Faraday Future) said today,FF 91 Futurist The quasi-mass-produced car is undergoing final debugging, focusing on the needs of the Chinese marketespecially in terms of charging system adaptation and power performance. The FF 91 Futurist is Faraday Future’s first flagship product. IT Home has learned that Faraday Future previously stated that it is expected … Read more

Bought out!Beishang Capital has “running into the market” for 10 consecutive days. The net inflow in January has approached the whole year of 2022, and the large-scale increase in 36 shares

(Original title: Bought out! Beishang Capital has “running into the market” for 10 consecutive days, and the net inflow in January has approached the whole year of 2022, and the large-scale increase in 36 shares! The concept of semiconductors has become popular, and the performance of multiple stocks is expected to double) Since January, the … Read more

Top-tier fund managers zoom in, and the latest positions are exposed

(Original title: Increase positions! Increase positions! Top-ranking fund managers zoom in on their moves, and the latest positions are exposed) As the disclosure of the 2022 quarterly reports of public funds kicked off, many top-tier fund managers adjusted positions and swapped shares and their views on the market outlook came to life. Among them, Qiu … Read more