41.3 million dirhams, net purchase of foreigners in local stocks

2023-09-25 21:02:10 Hossam Abdelnaby (Abu Dhabi) Foreign investors continued their purchases in the local stock markets, bringing their net transactions in yesterday’s trading session to 41.32 million dirhams as a result of purchases, including net purchases in the Dubai Financial Market of about 39.35 million dirhams and 1.97 million dirhams net purchases in the Abu … Read more

Turkey-EU Relations: Turkish President Erdogan Warns of Possible Distance from EU

2023-09-16 21:21:55 Istanbul (agencies) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced yesterday that Ankara could “distance” from the European Union if necessary, in response to a question about the content of a European Parliament report on Turkey.The report adopted last week said that the process of Turkey’s accession to the 27-member bloc cannot be resumed under … Read more

French “Carrefour” warns of “deflationary inflation”

2023-09-09 21:29:41 Paris (dpa) The French supermarket chain, Carrefour, is expected to begin warning of hidden price increases with stickers on a range of food products from next Monday. The labels that Carrefour will place on items including coffee, crackers, mayonnaise and iced tea will include: “Deflationary inflation: The weight of this product has been … Read more

Unveiling the Ancient Mystery: The Birth of a Billion-Light-Year Galaxy Cluster

2023-09-08 21:18:44 Paris (AFP) Astronomers have observed for the first time a “bubble of galaxies,” a huge mass whose origins date back to the early ages of the universe, about 14 billion years ago, according to a study published in the Astrophysical Journal. Because it is not possible to see it with the naked eye, … Read more

She will be one of the most important female artists in Egypt for this reason

2023-08-27 21:57:59 Publish date: 08/26/2023 – 05:35:37 PM, Ju 24: Egyptian actor Ahmed Salama expected a brilliant future for his daughter, Sarah Salama, in the world of acting. In remarks on the sidelines of the Cairo Drama Festival, Salama thanked the Syndicate of Acting Professions, Ashraf Zaki, and the United Media Services Company for holding … Read more

OPPO’s New Foldable Phone: A Powerful Competitor to Samsung and Motorola

2023-08-26 05:19:31 Publication Date: 08/26/2023 – 08:18:57 AM Ju 24: OPPO is preparing to unveil its new phone, which it developed to compete with the new Samsung and Motorola foldable phones. According to the latest leaks, the phone will have a foldable structure from the middle, its dimensions are (166/72.2/6.9) mm, it weighs 189 g, … Read more