AvtoVAZ has started assembling new Lada cars

In Togliatti, the test assembly of new Lada passenger cars on the CMF-B modular platform has begun. February 9th AvtoVAZ I started running in the assembly of a new SUV under the Lada Largus brand, new generation Niva SUV and the second generation Lada Granta. The development of technological processes began with the most affordable … Read more

common cold may protect against coronavirus infection

Biologists of Foggy Albion presented the first evidence that the “common cold” in some cases leads to the development of cellular immunity with a wide profile of action. As a result, the immune system is able to cope with the new coronavirus infection COVID-19. To such a promising conclusion specialists came Imperial College London. True, … Read more

Honda accidentally invented the “time machine”

Some owners of used Honda and Acura cars faced an unexpected problem in the new 2022. The on-board clock of the standard head units of the Navi model has turned into a real “time machine”. They automatically moved to the date January 1, 2002. The problem is noted both in the US and in Europe, … Read more

Facebook founder moves to metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, moves to the metaverse. According to The Wall Street Journal, he is so confident in the concept of the virtual world that he not only renamed his company Meta, but also requires all employees and even investors to come to him for meetings exclusively in this very metaverse. And in … Read more

The nasal vaccine protects against viruses much better than an injection

The emergence new strains of the virus SARS-CoV-2, such as delta and omicron, has led scientists to question the effectiveness of existing vaccines against new variations of the virus. In a new study, researchers from Yale University discoveredthat the best protection against a pathogen is not formed in the lungs themselves, where the coronavirus wreaks … Read more

Cause of weight gain after quitting smoking found

More than a billion people around the world smoke cigarettes. This is despite the fact that tobacco addiction leads to numerous diseases, including cardiovascular, respiratory (lung and respiratory diseases) and oncological. By the way, according to WHO, these groups of diseases are among the six most common causes of death in the world. Many people … Read more