Before the decisive battle, the Golden Week Blue Camp North Taiwan will gather in Taoyuan – Politics – China Times

KMT Taoyuan Mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng posted on Facebook on the evening of the 17th, “Without administrative resources, kind citizens are my strongest backing!” (provided by Zhang Shanzheng Jingjing) During the Golden Week before the final election, the KMT held campaigns in Taoyuan City on the 19th, including Taipei mayor candidate Jiang Wan’an, New Taipei … Read more

The craziest candidate for the city councillor!She was wearing a “first-line sky with breasts” and her grandma shouted: the buttons were not buttoned-Politics-Central Times

The color is not divided into blue and green. The color of the support area Tian Shenjie wears a white shirt, showing her breasts and breasts, which is very eye-catching. (Photo by Liao Suhui) The white vest is printed with “The color of the support zone is not divided into blue and green Tian Shen … Read more

Chen Shizhong’s “ten million housing loan” is likely to lose miserably at the end of the year?The latest polls fall below everyone’s glasses – Politics – China Times News

With less than two months to go before the 9-in-1 general election, the China National Election Committee announced on the 14th the property declaration materials of candidates for the 9-in-1 election. The three candidates for mayor of Taipei, Jiang Wanan, Huang Shanshan, and Chen Shizhong, all carried tens of millions of mortgages; Yilan County Mayor … Read more

Taipei mayor’s poll falls below the glasses, Wu Zijia boldly predicts the ending – Politics – China Times News

The nine-in-one election is just around the corner, and the elections for the heads of counties and cities have attracted much attention, and the capital is a battleground for the military. The support of Huang Shanshan and DPP candidate Chen Shizhong are quite close. Wu Zijia, chairman of the “Beautiful Island Electronic News”, predicted that … Read more

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election battle, and Ke P couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election campaign. Ke Wenzhe couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words @中 Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, reorganized the strategic sprint after the incident of Zhou Yukou, a media person, and discussed it with the people with … Read more

The flank said that Zhang Shanzheng had no one in Taoyuan, but it was amazing to slap his face empty-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

The KMT Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng’s southern district campaign headquarters was established on the evening of the 8th. More than 20,000 supporters poured into the scene, and the atmosphere was quite lively. (Photo by Cai Minggen) Feng Dao: The flank said that Zhang Shanzheng had no one in Taoyuan, but it was amazing to … Read more