“Gerald R. Ford, the World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier Docks in Oslo Amid Rising Tensions: NATO Exercises and Russian Reactions”

2023-05-24 08:58:00 On May 24, the US Navy’s Gerald R. Ford, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, docked at the Norwegian capital Oslo for the first time. The photo shows the aircraft carrier entering the Oslo Fjord on the same day (2023/Javad Parsa/NTB) OSLO (Reuters) – The world’s largest aircraft carrier, the US Navy’s Gerald R. … Read more

“Crisis at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: Emergency Generator in Use as External Power Cut Off”

2023-05-22 08:49:00 [キーウ 22日 ロイター] – The Russian-occupied Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine is cut off from external power and the nuclear fuel is cooled by an emergency generator. Local workers sent by Russia evacuated on the 22nd, saying that the Ukrainian side cut the power line, while Ukrainian nuclear power company Energoatom … Read more

Responding to criticism of the US debt ceiling, Mr. Biden adjusts telephone talks with Speaker of the House | Reuters

2023-05-21 03:12:00 The U.S. administration and Republicans in Congress exchanged accusations on Wednesday over the federal debt ceiling. No talks took place that day, and a White House official said that President Biden instructed his administration team to schedule a phone call with House Speaker McCarthy (pictured, Republican) for Monday morning ET. FILE PHOTO: Washington, … Read more

Fear of recession due to US default, Treasury Secretary Yellen warns again | Reuters

2023-05-16 13:59:00 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that if the federal debt ceiling is not raised and the United States defaults, millions of Americans will lose their salaries and jobs and businesses will be hit hard. He warned of a possible recession. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies before Congress on May 12, … Read more

Soros’ fund cuts Tesla stakes, buys Netflix shares | Reuters

2023-05-14 23:26:00 slide show ( 2 images ) NEW YORK (Reuters) – Billionaire investor George Soros’ family office, Soros Fund Management, is set to sell electric-vehicle makers Tesla, Rivian Automotive and Walt Disney in the first quarter. While reducing its shareholding in , it added a new position in Netflix, a video distribution company, according … Read more

“South Africa Denies U.S. Accusations of Russian Weapons Loading at Naval Base”

2023-05-12 14:46:00 JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa on Wednesday hit back at a U.S. accusation that a sanctioned Russian ship loaded weapons at a naval base near Cape Town in December last year. South Africa on May 12 hit back at US accusations that a sanctioned Russian ship loaded weapons at a naval base near … Read more