Donoso and his constant duels against Falcón: “He is very young”

The O’Higgins striker referred to his duels against ‘Peluca’. This Sunday, O’Higgins will seek to wash his wounds before University of Chile in El Teniente de Rancagua, in a duel where the experienced striker Matias Donoso anticipates it as attractive. In conversation TNT Sportsthe 36-year-old striker referred to the match against the secular cast, both … Read more

Huachipato beat O’Higgins just enough and is the exclusive leader of the tournament

Huachipato surpassed O’Higgins just enough in Rancagua and becomes the first exclusive leader of the 2023 National Championship, played three dates And there is the first exclusive leader in the National Championship. Huachipato alone reached the top of the tournament by defeating O’Higgins 1-0 at home this Monday, at a crossroads for the third date … Read more

Is it necessary to stretch yes or yes before and after exercise?

Most of us were taught as kids that not stretching before or after exercising is like a deadly sin. It is often said that if you skip your stretching routine, you will be more prone to suffer injuries, pain and, in general, a worse training. But is this concept backed by science? Is it really … Read more

how much does it pay you in 30 days if you invest $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000

In times of high inflation, the minimum expected from a investment in pesos is that when withdrawing the money the profit obtained at least compensate price increases for the period. That is the paste or -ideally- beat inflation. The traditional fixed termFor much of the past year, failed to comply that requirement since people made … Read more

common symptoms and differences to know what disease you have

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Although Covid now has a higher incidence, the three infections currently coexist. Clarín consulted experts who offer a guide for those infected. The cases of Covidappear the first infected by dengue of the season and the gripe persists. In this context, it is important to learn to differentiate the three pictures and know … Read more