An autonomous boat to replace polluting research vessels and watch over the ocean

A Canadian company has developed a small autonomous solar-powered boat. It should make it possible to watch over the oceans much closer than what was possible until now. The Blue Planet. This is how we call our Earth. Because it is largely covered by oceans. At more than 70% and of which a large volume … Read more

Profits of oil tankers across the Atlantic are doubling… What is the relationship of sanctions against Russia?

Commercial data showed that the daily profits of oil tankers across the Atlantic Ocean rose five times since the European Union ban on importing Russian petroleum products came into effect on February 5. And Bloomberg reported that what it called the “shadow fleet” that Moscow formed in anticipation of the sanctions, includes ships loaded with … Read more

The real “mermaid mummy” that was found 300 years ago in the Pacific Ocean

translation exclusiveScientists have revealed that the 300-year-old mummified “mermaid” is made of cloth, paper and cotton decorated with parts of fish. It was allegedly found in the Pacific Ocean off the Japanese island of Shikoku between 1736 and 1741, kept in a temple in the city of Asakuchi. For his part, Hiroshi Kinoshita of the … Read more

WWF calls for completion of first biodiversity treaty | Environment

Illustration. (Source: AFP/VNA) International Fund for the Protection of Nature (WWF) on February 14 called on governments to protect the world’s oceans by finalizing the High Seas Treaty during negotiations at the United Nations in New York this March. According to WWF senior expert on global ocean policy and management, Jessica Battle, the first treaty … Read more

Divers record terrifying encounter they had in the ocean with a giant squid | Society

Diving instructors reported that the 2.5-meter marine animal appeared weak and had slow movements. Although they are often seen off the coast of Japan, encounters with live giant squid are rare. Two Japanese divers recently succeeded capture images of a rare encounter with a 2.5-meter-long giant squid, which swam off the western coast of the … Read more

Tears are the smallest ocean that humans can make|Lattice vocus

There was once Donald Gould, a homeless man in Florida, who couldn’t eat three meals a day. On rainy days, you can only temporarily shelter from the rain under the eaves of the store. He looks very downcast, and he hasn’t shaved his beard for a long time. No one cares whether such a person … Read more