The public hearing began to explore more areas in the Argentine Sea

2023-11-22 15:19:37 Three days before the runoff, the public hearing for the seismic exploration of three offshore hydrocarbon areas. This is a project of the company Equinor, which seeks to explore the potential in the area and that is already carrying out studies in the Mar del Plata area. The hearing began shortly after 10 … Read more

Naval Group Management and Unions in Negotiations for Compliance with New Metallurgy Agreement

2023-10-15 22:50:00 On January 1, the new metallurgy collective agreement (NCCM), signed on February 7, 2022 by the UIMM and three trade union organizations representing this branch (CFDT, CFE-CGC, FO), will come into force. In this perspective, management and unions of Naval Group have negotiated in recent months an amendment for the compliance with the … Read more

LNG Carriers and the Yamal LNG Plant: Uninterrupted Shipments Despite Regional Tensions

2023-09-24 22:20:00 The Vladimir Vize, one of the ice-breaking LNG carriers used to export liquefied natural gas produced by the Yamal LNG plant in northern Russia, is currently on technical shutdown at the Damen Shiprepair shipyard in Brest. The latter has also been used to welcoming this type of ship since the Siberian production unit … Read more

Strengthening Surveillance in the Strait of Pas-de-Calais: Navy’s Mini-Drone System Deployed for Cross-Channel Migrant Crossings

2023-09-06 22:27:00 While attempts to cross migrants between France and the United Kingdom have increased in recent weeks, the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea has announced the strengthening of surveillance means in the Strait of Pas-de -Calais. This involves the deployment, from the coast, of the Navy’s mini-drone system (SMDM). The … Read more

Fossil coral reefs: the start of an international expedition off Hawaii

2023-09-04 22:20:00 Looking back at the evolution of the environment over geological history can tell us a lot about the future, especially when it comes to topics of global and societal importance such as the level of sea, climate change and coral reef ecosystem health. An international scientific research expedition, conducted on behalf of the … Read more

The offshore USD/RMB exchange rate hit 7.2 in the intraday session. Will the short-term market reverse? _Economy_Volatility_Markets

2023-06-21 11:10:00 Original title: The offshore USD/RMB exchange rate hit 7.2 in the intraday market, will the short-term market reverse? On June 21, the offshore USD/RMB exchange rate touched the 7.20 mark in intraday trading. Market participants pointed out that the interest rate difference between China and the United States has widened due to the … Read more