Indonesian Coast Guard Seizes Iranian Supertanker Involved in Illegal Oil Transshipment: Maritime Security Strengthened

2023-07-11 05:41:00 The Indonesian Coast Guard Agency (BAKAMLA) announced on July 11 that it had seized an Iranian-flagged supertanker suspected of being involved in illegal transshipment of crude oil, and indicated a policy to strengthen maritime security. The photo shows the Iranian flagged MT Arman 114 and the Cameroonian flagged MTS Tinos, released by BAKAMLA … Read more

“27 Republican Senators Call for Withdrawal of EPA’s Car Emissions Plan: Analysis and Reactions”

2023-05-26 04:50:00 Twenty-seven Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to withdraw from the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut emissions from new cars by 2032. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C., September 2023. REUTERS/SARAH SILBIGER WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Twenty-seven U.S. Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to back down on the Environmental Protection … Read more

Russia starts supplying crude oil from Kazakh to Germany Stops in Poland | Reuters

Russian state-owned pipeline company Transneft has started supplying Germany with crude oil from Kazakhstan through the Druzhba pipeline. (2023 REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov/File Photo) MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s state-owned pipeline company Transneft began supplying Germany with crude oil from Kazakhstan on Monday through the Druzhba pipeline. On the other hand, crude oil supply to Poland, which is … Read more

Russia convenes UN Security Council on 22nd Nord Stream explosion = news | Reuters

The RIA said Russia is expected to convene the UN Security Council on Thursday to discuss “sabotage” of the Nord Stream undersea pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia to Europe. FILE PHOTO: United Nations Headquarters in New York February 6, 2023. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo [15日 ロイター] – Russia is expected to convene the United … Read more

Angle: Russia expanding military spending, tax increase inevitable if oil price is less than expected | Reuters

Russia’s growing military spending is so dependent on oil revenues that it may be forced to raise taxes if oil prices fall short of projected levels. Economists share this view. Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Finance Minister Siluanov in December 2019. Taken in St. Petersburg. Photo provided (2023 REUTERS/Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin) MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia … Read more

G7, “extremely close” to agreement on Russian oil price limit of $60 = senior official | Reuters

On December 1, senior officials from the G7 countries agreed to cap Russian oil prices at $60 a barrel, with a mechanism to keep them 5% below market prices. said it was “extremely close” to (Reuters/Tatiana Meel) NEW YORK (Reuters) – Group of Seven (G7) officials said on Wednesday they would set a price cap … Read more