Popular Snapchatter “Turki Al-Dhiyabi” reveals an easy recipe for treating asthma and chest allergies within 7 days • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-09-28 00:38:48 Al-Marsad newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Turki Al-Dhiyabi revealed an easy recipe for treating asthma and chest allergies within 7 days after suffering for 13 years. Al-Dhiyebi said, in a video clip he posted on his TikTok account: I used to have chest pains at night and I couldn’t walk 100 metres. I also smelled … Read more

Stay Informed About Traffic Violations & Insurance Monitoring in Saudi Arabia

2023-09-27 21:08:48 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Saudi Traffic Department, through its official account on the Violation monitoring mechanism The traffic detection mechanism will monitor violations, which will be once every 15 days in the absence of insurance. Monitoring in all cities Traffic added that automatic monitoring of violations will be in all cities and governorates of … Read more

Pakistan’s Contaminated Medicine Scandal: Diabetics Suffer Vision Loss

2023-09-27 10:30:49 A health official in Pakistan said that dozens of diabetics in the country suffered loss of vision after being given contaminated medicine. Two men behind the supply of Avastin have been arrested, and 12 government inspectors have been suspended after an investigation found the drug was packaged in an unsanitary environment, according to … Read more

Watch.. Elon Musk carries his son “X” on his back while touring his factory with the President of Hungary

2023-09-26 10:52:30 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip documented American billionaire Elon Musk while he was touring with the President of Hungary, Katalin Novak, inside the Tesla electric car factory in the American state of Texas. Elon Musk appeared carrying his son, named X, on his back, raising him, taking care of him, and taking … Read more

Early Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer: Insights from Dr. Katie Kasrae and Cancer Research UK

2023-09-26 07:37:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Katie Kasrae, a general practitioner at the London General Clinic, revealed four “signs” of stomach cancer. Signs can appear in the very early stages of stomach cancer. Include: – Early satiety/fullness. – Unexplained weight loss. – Tired. – Constant heartburn. Other symptoms of stomach cancer For its part, Cancer Research … Read more

How did the first Saudi opera artist respond to those who described her singing as shouting?

2023-09-25 21:02:33 Many social media users describe singing “opera” as “screaming,” knowing that the former refers to a part of classical Western music and the latter means emitting continuous, intense screams. Despite the big difference between the two words, “screaming” has become a ready-made description among many users of social media platforms for what opera … Read more