Police say they have no information about a possible attack against Petro – Investigation – Justice

“The Police, so far, do not have any intelligence information or information linked to judicial processes that allows inferring the existence of a criminal plan against the candidate of the Historical Pact movement,” said the institution in response to a complaint made by Senator Gustavo Petro. (You may be interested: Train crash? Controversial ruling shortens … Read more

A Hohos girl and her boyfriend were imprisoned for 4 days on charges of incitement to

09:04 PM Tuesday 27 July 2021 Alexandria – Mohamed Amer: Today, Tuesday, Counselor Omar Selim, head of the West Alexandria Public Prosecution, ordered the detention of the accused “Y”, known as “The Hohos Object”, and her boyfriend for 4 days pending investigations on charges of inciting immorality and breach of public morals. The security services … Read more

Former Navy officials will ask for the violation of the conventional Hugo Gutiérrez | Special

Sunday July 11, 2021 | 15:11 Former officials of the Armada will ask in the next few days for the lawlessness of Hugo Gutierrez, after the trial that would begin against the former communist deputy, today a member of the Constitutional Convention, was suspended at the beginning of July for alleged insults against the institution. … Read more

Malayalam News – ‘Rape cases on the rise because women are undressed; Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan | Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Remark on Rape Draws Flak | News18 Kerala, World Latest Malayalam News

Protests are mounting against Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remark that rape cases and violence against women are on the rise in the country because women wear less clothes. As he said in an interview with ‘Axios on HBO’, ‘If women wear less clothes it will affect men, or men should be robots. This is … Read more

The Ministry of Interior reveals the details of the scandalous video: A broker lures a boy into the Upper Egypt train car (full story)

Subscribe to receive the most important news Investigations by the Ministry of the Interior revealed the truth scandalous video الفيديو The circulating on social networking sites, which includes a person wearing a Saedi robes, attracts a child from the street vendors and commits immoral acts with him inside the train carriage, and she said that … Read more

«I will always defend the daily series on television at all costs»

She triumphed as Emilia Ulloa during 1,848 episodes of ‘The Secret of Puente Viejo’ (Antena 3), and now the actress Sandra Cervera (Valencia, 35 years old) leads, together with Ion Aramendi, the dance format ‘The Dancer’, which is says goodbye to La 1 de TVE on Monday with the election of the best dancer in … Read more