Understanding Medical Part-Time: Benefits, Authorization, and Compensation

2023-11-01 13:00:00 What is medical part-time? Before talking about dismissal, a quick reminder of the concept of medical part-time. This formula is intended to help people who are unable to work to return to professional activity. Part-time is not the only existing option: it is possible to return to work 1/5 time, if your state … Read more

Unveiling the True Character: The Shocking Reality of Antonio Gava’s Provocative Video Collection

2023-10-07 04:54:00 “In fact, this inscription completely reflects the character. During the reconstruction, he said he was sorry for having caused the accident. In reality, he doesn’t care at all. He doesn’t have the slightest remorse. I could understand if he wanted to start his life over. But not like that… It’s provocation. He struts … Read more

Photo: BPTJ Kemenhub Checks Feasibility of Eid Mudik Buses

Officers from the Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) of the Ministry of Transportation checked the homecoming bus at Poris Plawad Terminal, Tangerang City, Wednesday (12/4/2023). Checks are carried out to provide a sense of security and comfort for travelers when traveling to their hometowns. ©Liputan6.com/Angga Yuniar

Egyptian website: An Israeli page uses a famous Egyptian YouTuber to question the October victory

Al-Marsad newspaper: The “Israel Speaks Arabic” page on Facebook used one of the videos of Egyptian YouTuber Reham Ayyad, when responding to a follower. As for the current controversy that brought Reham Ayyad back into the spotlight again, the Israel page that speaks Arabic used an episode of Reham’s program “The Story and What Is … Read more

Better gut health prevents depression!

Gut health is closely related to digestive function and immunity. It even affects your mental health. This is because the gut microbiome affects brain function and emotions. In fact, people with depression often have problems with their gut microbiome. Therefore, taking care of gut health will also help prevent depression, explains Dr. Joseph Mercola, a … Read more