the young Belgian had his whole life ahead of him, he was 19 years old…

Published on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 7:43 p.m. A 19-year-old man died in an accident on Tuesday afternoon in Meerhout, in the Antwerp Kempen, local police in the Geel-Laakdal-Meerhout area announced. The victim was driving a car that ended up in the ditch in circumstances that are still unclear. A second occupant, a 13-year-old … Read more

“It’s the second time someone kills in our family,” says a relative of Gaëtan Legros, the suspect in confession

Published on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 8:55 p.m. Par S.D. Gaëtan Legros admits having fired two bullets at Nico Becker on August 8 at Lonzée. For the Legros family, history repeats itself: “Gaëtan’s brother has already shot someone”. Last Monday, the lifeless body of Nico Becker, a 21-year-old Jemeppois, was discovered in a burnt-out … Read more

Thriller! Muaynoi fell from a car in the middle of an intersection. Fortunately, there is a good citizen driving in the way (with clip)

Thrilling event! When the video clip reveals the moment the little girl from Ningbo city Zhejiang Province Falling from the car through the window while the car was at a red light at an intersection without the little boy’s parents being aware of it at all before driving away Left the little boy in the … Read more

How to visit the house of “students” to make them laugh The teacher was terrified when she saw her mother like this.

to the season home visit “student” Well, in the past in the online world, many people may have seen it. homeroom teacher Travel to visit students’ homes to inquire about the existence Each clip that comes out is called brutal. It’s all funny because each teacher fights for his life back on his journey. visit … Read more

Not Approving Her Son’s Relationship with Arie Kriting, Indah Permatasari’s Mother Reveals The Reason: It’s Too Sick Here

JAKARTA, – Connection Beautiful Permatasari and Arie Kriting until now has not been approved by the mother. Even though he was given a lot of money from the couple, Nursyah admitted that it would not make him calm. “It hurts too much here, money doesn’t calm the heart, money with tall buildings doesn’t make … Read more

“Sukanya Miguel” opened her heart for the first time, cutting off her daughter – suing to cut off joint custody of her son

“In which the separated families also have children It’s important that if we do anything about our children’s future, we should be able to talk. should be able to consult No matter how much they hate each other, they hate each other. We should reduce our pride mainly for the benefit of our children. We … Read more