Protecting Rights: Former President Pedro Castillo Challenges Legal Procedure in Court Hearing

2023-09-19 18:11:00 Through a protection of rights, supported this Monday by his lawyer Juan Walter Sifuentes Bustillos before the Judiciary (PJ), the former president questioned that the legal procedure was not followed to record information in said minutes and that, people who intervened later, such as the National Prosecutor, Patria Benavides, and two other prosecutors, … Read more

Mayors and Representatives Linked to Illicit Payments in Reconstruction Projects: The Controversy Surrounding Congressman Guillermo Bermejo

2023-09-11 04:09:07 According to official information found by El Comercio, mayors or representatives of at least three more communes who visited the office of Congressman Guillermo Bermejo (Democratic Change-Together for Peru) also managed to have their jurisdictions included in the list of projects of the decree, published on August 5, 2022 with the signature of … Read more

Prosecutors Seek 36 Months of Preventive Detention: Corruption Plot Involving Sada Goray and Mauricio Fernandini Revealed

2023-07-17 16:14:46 As El Comercio had announced, the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption in Power requested 36 months of preventive detention for the businesswoman Sada Goray and the journalist Mauricio Fernandini when the term of ten days of preliminary detention against both expired on Monday. investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization and … Read more

Corruption in Power: Uncovering the Misuse of State Funds and Bribery Scandal Involving Goray, Marka Group, and FMV

2023-07-12 16:58:00 The Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption in Power, led by the superior prosecutor Marita Barreto, identified that Goray “illicitly” withdrew more than S/2.7 million from BBVA. This money corresponds to the interest generated with money that came “from the State coffers” and that was transferred to the trusts for the execution of … Read more

Former President Pedro Castillo and the Organized Criminal Network: Uncovering Corruption and Abuse of Power

2023-07-10 12:00:00 The criminal organization that former President Pedro Castillo would lead took advantage of the power of his position and instrumentalized the state apparatus to commit crimes in order to gain wealth and seize power. Precisely, the members of the criminal network developed a program that they planned to execute as soon as Castillo … Read more

Property Seizure and Criminal Organization: The Case of Pedro Castillo and Alejandro Sanchez Sanchez

2023-07-06 14:47:27 According to the tax thesis, the property would have been used by members of the alleged criminal organization led by Pedro Castillo to evade the preventive prison. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio The Public Prosecutor’s Office executed a court order for the seizure, search, lockout, and dispossession of Sánchez’s residence. | Source: … Read more