Henry Shimabukuro | Jose Luis Fernandez Latorre | DINI boss is arrested for payments to former secretary Bruno Pacheco | National Intelligence Directorate | | RESEARCH

At half past nine in the morning yesterday, the Special Team of the Prosecutor’s Office began what it called Operation Valkiria III, with which the current head of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI)José Luis Fernández Latorre, in an unprecedented event in the history of the country. was also captured Henry Shimabukurowho was – until a … Read more

Peru: President Castillo appoints a politician investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office as Prime Minister | International

Chávez, 33, is a lawyer born in the province of Tacna, on the border with Chile, and previously served as Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion in the current government, a position for which she was censured by Congress. The president of Peru, Peter Castillo, appointed this Friday as the fifth president of the Council … Read more

LIVE | Pedro Castillo swears in members of Betssy Chávez’s Cabinet | Anibal Torres | | POLITICS

At 10 p.m., the president Pedro Castillo swears in the members of the Ministerial Cabinet led by Betssy Chávez, whose appointment was known in the morning. The announcement was made by the Government Palace 15 minutes before. Watch here the ceremony in the Golden Room and without the assistance of the press. These are the … Read more

Pedro Castillo swore in Betssy Chávez as president of the Council of Ministers | Aníbal Torres RMMN | POLITICS

More of the same. President Pedro Castillo was sworn in to Betssy Chávez as the new president of the Council of Ministers, replacing Aníbal Torres, who resigned after the Legislative Board of Directors flatly rejected his question of confidence. In a ceremony that took place shortly after 1:30 pm at the Government Palace, the president … Read more

Government appointed at least 50 senior officials unfit for their positions | Comptroller questions suitability of appointments | | POLITICS

Among the questions that the government of Pedro Castillo from its first days there is the appointment of officials without the appropriate profile and the high turnover in different positions. So far in 2022 and about to end this year, this situation continues to the detriment of public management. This has been made known by … Read more

Alejandro Salas: “The president has said in his message to the nation that confidence in the Executive Power has been denied”

The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Alejandro Salassaid that there was a denial of the question of confidence by Congress. “Totally, the president [Pedro Castillo] He has said it in his message to the nation: that confidence in the Executive Power has been denied and that is why the Cabinet in crisis is going … Read more