Beijing News – Good news, no end

2023-11-10 02:44:00 Xiao Ke Theater will launch the year-end drama on November 11 – a non-immersive interactive musical “Art Zone” presented in a new form. Produced by music producer Xiao Ke, the musical tells a story about steel and art, showing how the “old factory” was transformed into an “art district”. “Art District” is set … Read more

Beijing News – Good news, no end

2023-10-04 04:12:00 The panoramic competition variety show “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” is currently airing on Mango TV. After Wang Yaoqing topped the personal favorite list for his first performance, he once again won the first place on the personal favorite list with “Joker” for his third performance. As a self-proclaimed “facilitator”, he served as … Read more

Beijing News – Good news, no end

2023-09-12 09:28:00 “Little Ghost” Wang Linkai’s 2023 tour will start in May, passing through four cities: Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai, and will usher in the last stop in Chengdu on September 16. On the day of the interview, the “little devil” who had been working until 10 pm looked a little tired. He said … Read more

Yuncheng Delegation Takes Third Place with 51 Gold Medals at the 12th Shanxi Provincial Games for People with Disabilities

2023-09-11 09:50:30 The 12th Shanxi Provincial Games for People with Disabilities concludes The Yuncheng delegation won 51 gold medals, ranking third in total Yuncheng delegation returns with honor On the evening of September 9, the 12th Shanxi Province Disabled Persons Games concluded successfully in Datong City. Yuncheng disabled athletes won a total of 51 gold … Read more

The Beijing News – Good news never stops

2023-07-30 03:02:00 “Imperfect Victim” starring Zhou Xun, Liu Yijun, and Lin Yun is currently on iQiyi. The play starts with a third-party anonymous police case, and Yinger plays Mi Mang, who has been in domestic violence for a long time. With the appearance of the lawyer Lin Kan played by Zhou Xun, Mimang also awakened … Read more

Get Exciting Discounts and Free Rides with MTR’s 7.1 Lucky Draw!

2023-06-26 09:01:48 7.1 discounts are coming! This time, MTR launched a 7.1 lucky draw and offers, giving away a total of 71,000 free local rides and 26 annual free tickets! But don’t be discouraged even if you don’t win the lottery, the Light Rail and Light Rail-related bus services on July 1 are all free! … Read more