10 tips to be happier

This Monday is celebrated International Day of Happinesssince in 2013 the HIM established the anniversary to “recognize the role that the feeling of happiness plays in the lives of people around the world.” This date is part of the plan of the United Nations who intends end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet, three … Read more

“The action was in adherence to Human Rights,” says INM on the insurance of migrants

Through an official statement, the National Migration Institute (INM) confirmed their participation in the events that took place last night in the Eduardo Guerra neighborhood of Torreón. The document indicates that “in total adherence to human rights, the National Institute of Migration (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior rescued and identified 61 irregular migrants … Read more

The UN warns that the death toll may exceed 60,000 people

This was stated by the head of humanitarian services. At the moment, some 29,000 deaths are officially recorded. As the death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria approaches 29,000 people, the head of the UN humanitarian services, Martin Griffiths, issued a strong warning and predicted that the final number of victims … Read more

Death toll rises and Turkey evacuates hundreds of thousands of people

Rescuers in Turkey managed to save another four people from the rubble early Friday morning, four days after the initial earthquake on Monday. ​A mother and her son were rescued alive in Diyarbakir, more than 100 hours after the house collapsed. Search and rescue teams reached Sebahat Varli, 32, and her son Serhat, 10. ​A … Read more

The rare disease plan will rely on precision medicine to respond to 140,000 people

The approval of the Comprehensive Plan for Rare Diseases of Castilla y León has already begun its countdown. 84.5% of the actions will be implemented in the first three years of the strategy that will see the light of day this year with the horizon set at 2027 S.CALLEJA Valladolid Sunday, January 22, 2023, 13:08 … Read more