Peter Castle | The National Police has 20 new generals | Ministry of the Interior | Willy Huerta | PNP | Government

The Ministry of the Interior promoted to the rank of general of the National Police to 20 colonels of arms and 2 of services for the class of 2023. The positions will take effect from January 1, 2023. resolutions were published this Monday 31 in the official newspaper El Peruano and bear the signature of … Read more

to Castillo: accountability in accusations is vital for a democracy | PERU

The United States told Peru this Thursday that accountability is “vital” for a democracy, in the face of the crisis opened by the accusations of corruption against the Peruvian president, peter castlewho has denounced a coup against him. “We are closely monitoring the political situation in Peru and we believe that accountability is vital for … Read more

Pedro Castillo accuses the congressmen of “vacadores” and of preventing him from exercising his powers Democratic Charter Congress OEA RMMN | POLITICS

The President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, accused the congressmen of “vacadores” and of preventing him from exercising the exclusive powers granted to him by the Political Constitution, such as directing the country’s foreign policy. During his message to the Nation, he insisted that “destabilizing forces” they have used motions for presidential vacancy, interpellation and … Read more

Pedro Castillo attacks the Prosecutor’s Office and Congress in a message to the Nation and asks the OAS to activate the Inter-American Democratic Charter

President peter castle gave this Wednesday a message to the Nation where he reiterated his criticism of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for filing a constitutional complaint against him in Congress. In this sense, he assured that this accusation does not have any corroboration and reveals the concertation of a plot towards his management. “To the … Read more

VIDEO | Pedro Castillo gives a message to the Nation to victimize himself and attack the prosecutor’s office, Congress and the press after learning of his request to the OAS | Inter-American Democratic Charter | POLITICS

President peter castlewho is investigated by the prosecution as the leader of an alleged criminal organization entrenched in the Governmentgave a message to the Nation on Wednesday night, in which he insisted on victimizing himself and attacking the prosecution, Congress and the press. MIRA: Pedro Castillo insists on a plot to vacate him from office … Read more

Peter Castle | Congressmen believe that the third vacancy motion against the president will pass | Congress | Edward Malaga | Popular Renewal | Country advances | peter castle

While the process of collecting signatures for the presentation of the vacancy motion due to moral incapacity against the president peter castle follow its course different benches begin to take a position regarding the request initially promoted by congressman Edward Málaga. From the opposition side, there is a strong intention to support this third motion … Read more