What helps against allergic symptoms in winter – healing practice

Tips against winter allergies indoors Suffer in winter itchy eyes, runny nose or sore throat? Do you often cough, sneeze and difficulty breathing a? Then, in addition to respiratory disease can also indoor allergies be the cause of your symptoms. Experts explain what can help those affected. Allergens are not only found outside in trees … Read more

A survey measuring the health and well-being of dogs could make veterinary visits more efficient

Since we have begun to consider our pets as a member of the family, there are more and more studies and research that are carried out to ensure your well-being, improve your quality of life and lengthen it. In this sense, Mars Petcare researchers have launched a tool capable of measuring the health and well-being … Read more

Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa defended his pets from criticism: here, details

This week a controversy broke out on social networks regarding the attorney general of the nation, Francis Barbosaafter information related to their pets became known. As Yohir Akerman reported in Cambio magazine, Prosecutor Barbosa’s two dogs live in an apartment built in the bunker of the Prosecutor’s Office and they are taken care of by … Read more

From pet liners to clothing from Elon Musk’s company, these are the best-selling items in his store – FayerWayer

The world of Elon Musk It has in Tesla to one of its most valuable territories. The company is among the leading producers of electric cars today. But it is not the only thing that sells: we invite you to see the most popular objects in its online store. From pet liners to clothing for … Read more

Apitherapy, an alternative medicine for pets that helps with chronic pain

For millennia it has been known that different civilizations used derivatives of bee hives for different medicinal and nutritional uses. The Egyptians, for example, went to the apitherapy in the treatment of diseases and injuries, while the Chinese used the properties of propolis in colds and respiratory and digestive pathologies. Although this practice was somewhat … Read more