Media: The US Federal Trade Commission will apply for an injunction against the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard

2023-06-12 21:09:00 Edition CNBC reported that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will file an application for an injunction against the transaction between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. If her appeal is granted, Microsoft will definitely not be able to complete the merger before the previously designated deadline of July 18. After this date, the corporation … Read more

“Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Xbox: Beyond Consoles and Building Unique Identities – Insights from Phil Spencer”

2023-05-04 21:57:00 Today the gaming division Microsoft focused on building your own unique identity and expanding the ecosystem Xbox far beyond traditional consoles. About it Phil Spencer said in an interview Kinda Funny Gamescommenting on the issue of competition with Sony and Nintendo. Despite the fact that consoles are still the core of the Xbox … Read more

Microsoft explains why it’s offering Sony a 10-year contract to release Call of Duty

Corporation Microsoft offers Sony sign a release contract Call of Duty on consoles PlayStation for 10 years for two reasons. First — the concept of “forever” in contracts, as a rule, simply does not exist, the second — 10 years seems like the best timeframe given the length of console generations and the uncertain future … Read more

Sony’s arguments are taken into account: the US Federal Trade Commission sued Microsoft – they are trying to block a deal with Activision

December 7 leaders Microsoft met with the chairs of the US Federal Trade Commission in order to finalize their deal with Activision Blizzard and prove that it will not harm competition in the gaming market. The corporation’s arguments were not enough, and the US FTC refused to approve the acquisition of the publishing house for … Read more

Sony: Buying Activision Blizzard, Microsoft aims to make the PlayStation the second Nintendo

Sony Interactive Entertainment stated that the desire Microsoft buy a publishing house Activision Blizzard lurking desire”turn the PlayStation into a second Nintendo“ — a company that stands apart from others and does not compete in the field of realistic shooters with an 18+ rating. This is stated in a 22-page document by Sony, which was … Read more

Xbox execs imply $100-$200 loss per Xbox master sale #Phil Spencer (184831) – Cool3c

According to Phil Spencer, chief executive of Microsoft’s gaming division, Microsoft faces a loss of up to $200 for every Xbox console it sells. A report from the CNBC website stated that Phil Spencer recently revealed that Microsoft has to subsidize the development cost of each Xbox console by $100 to $200. The content of … Read more