PlayStation: independent developers criticize SIE and PlayStation Store policies

In recent years, independent games have multiplied on online stores. These productions, generally more modest than the so-called games AAA and often created by small teams, are acclaimed for their originality and their risk-taking that large publishers refuse. One difficulty for these developers is to afford visibility. The productions multiply, the releases also, and it … Read more

Sony acquired Nixxes Software Studio. The team is not only good at game design, but also good at porting games to PC platforms #古墓奇兵(162738)

Sony Interactive Entertainment currently plans to expand its development in the game market by porting its games such as “Horizon: Looking Forward to Dawn” and “Long Days” to the PC platform to expand its development in the game market. Therefore, it acquires Nixxes Software It will be more conducive to porting more games to the … Read more

“Tsima War Ghosts Director’s Cut Edition” PS4/PS5 platform 8/20 launched and added a new “Iki Island” chapter including new characters, new weapons and enhanced Japanese mouth #playstation (162720)

Sony emphasized that it will add new play chapters, new weapons, new characters, and add new enemy characters, and even add new animals, and also open new trophies for players to unlock achievements. And this more special update is to add the expression of the mouth shape when the Japanese voice is added to the … Read more

The Last of Us 2: A nod to Abby in Jackson reveals clues to an alternate script

The Last of Us Parte II continues to hide guides and references in its scenarios, which players continue to investigate months after its debut in Spain and around the world exclusively for PS4. The last detail they have found is that Abby’s name appears on the list of survivors living in Jackson, the city where … Read more