President Gustavo Petro Attends G77+China Summit in Havana, Cuba for Sustainable Development and Global Financial Governance

2023-09-15 12:31:23 President Gustavo Petro in Havana, Cuba, on September 15, 2023. Photo: Presidency of the Republic President Gustavo Petro is already in Havana, Cuba, where he will remain until this Saturday, September 16, to attend the G77+China Summit, a multilateral forum that brings together more than 130 countries from the global south to articulate … Read more

the republican danger finds its source in their bad faith (By Birame Waltako Ndiaye)

2023-08-02 14:34:21 Now, those who demand understanding, dialogue and kindness had cowardly looked away when Pastef challenged the institutions, when he called inconsequently to burn the country and refused any idea of ​​consultation. Shame on such cowardly witnesses! To this end, the fight must continue against such opportunists subordinated to the movement of the wind, … Read more

Jean-Denis Lejeune reacts, “our political leaders did not have the expected reactions”

In the middle of the day, the company’s teams on site had already brought down a first barn behind barricades erected for the occasion around the house. The rest of the building will be destroyed in the coming days, said the mayor of Lobbes Lucien Bauduin. The start of construction dates back to last Monday. … Read more

Only 400,000 people have insurance policies, and their price will rise by 12 percent soon… The Lebanese are in Jaljalat al-Tababah

Between the priority of health insurance and its high cost, the Lebanese citizen stands at a loss and chooses between deducting food expenses to insure his health, or leaving it “divine” without health insurance because of its cost, which is no longer within the reach of many. While the prices of all commodities are rising … Read more

HEALTH – Support for prevention actions in the Basque Country

The local authority wants to support awareness-raising actions around food, organized cancer screening or the prevention of violence and harassment in young couples. More specifically, these are actions: around food aimed at young people, families and people in precarious situations; encouraging the promotion of organized cancer screening among people with disabilities, precariousness or great vulnerability; … Read more