Biden’s Popularity at Lowest Point – Latest Poll Results and 2024 Election Forecast

2023-12-09 12:20:00 2023/12/9 20:20 (updated at 12/9 20:32) The picture shows former US President Trump (front, center) going to Iowa to campaign on the 2nd. (Reuters) (Central News Agency, Washington, 9th, comprehensive foreign news reports) The latest poll from the “Wall Street Journal” shows that U.S. President Biden’s political popularity is at its lowest point … Read more

2024 Presidential Election Rate Updates: Lai Qingde, Hou Youyi, Kevin Underweight, and More!

2023-11-28 07:02:00 The latest presidential election rate is out!The gap between Lai Qingde and Hou Youyi was exposed, and he ranked last in favorability Setn.comAfraid of being on the edge!Gallup poll’s “Kevin underweight” falls below 20% Yahoo newsThe latest 2024 presidential polls have changed drastically again!His support soared by 8.6 percentage points Chinatimes.comCombat Blue fights … Read more

Breaking News: “Blue and White” President and Vice President Combination Announcement

2023-11-17 14:00:10 The “Blue and White” President and Vice President combination will be released!Ma Ying-jeou’s office will be announced at 10 a.m. tomorrow Yahoo News[一刀未剪] Wang Yichuan God compared Chen Zhihan’s state of mind! He ridiculed the Blue and White secret meeting as “a daughter took her father out to bask in the sun but … Read more

2024 Taiwan Presidential Election: Blue and White Consensus and Polling Points System

2023-11-17 08:11:29 Blue and White reached 6 consensuses on the 15th, and will use a polling point system to decide whether to match Hou Ke or Hou Ke. Ko Wenzhe, chairman of the Popular Party and presidential candidate, admitted afterwards that he was “surprised” and even choked up tears during the campaign cadre meeting yesterday! … Read more

Blue and White Political Party Consultation: Dissecting 5 Points of Dispute & Final Battle Analysis

2023-11-15 02:30:34 Blue and White join forces for their second political party consultation!Qiu Yi analyzes 5 points of dispute free times#三利Latest “Blue and White Integration” final battle!Zhu Houke talks with Ma’s office, 64-point poll determines outcome, reveals “Ke Houpei’s” support drops below 40%, Qiu Yi criticizes new version of “Ma Wang political dispute”, Kuomintang core … Read more

Ko Wenzhe Presidential Polls: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-11-08 07:40:49 Ko Wenzhe presented 3 polls and won all over Lai Qingde and Zhu Lilun: each one had a 5% error Yahoo NewsThe third child’s lunch is replaced by someone else! The latest 2024 presidential polls are out and the blue team is back. Ko’s polls have taken a big dive and the presidential … Read more