Inspiring Heroes: The Extraordinary Story of the Ulma Family’s Heroic Sacrifice in WWII

2023-09-10 20:22:21 WARSAW – The Catholic Church has beatified a family of nine killed by Nazi troops for harboring Jews in Poland during World War II. In a special ceremony held at the church in the village of Markowa in southeastern Poland, the Pope’s representative, Cardinal Marcelo Semeraro, read the Pope’s decree in this regard. … Read more

Pope Francis’ Historic Visit to Mongolia: Strengthening Catholicism in a Strained Political Landscape

2023-09-01 16:31:17 Ulan Bator (Mongolia): Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia on Friday morning to meet the world’s smallest and newest Catholic community. The first visit by a pope to the Asian country comes at a time when the Vatican’s relations with Mongolia’s two powerful neighbors, Russia and China, are again strained. Pope Francis arrived in … Read more

Pope Francis’s Historic Visit to Mongolia: Inspiring Interfaith Dialogue and Human Rights Advocacy

2023-08-31 13:59:02 Vatican City – Pope Francis will visit Mongolia with the theme “Together in Hope”. The Pope will depart from Fiumicino Airport in Rome today and arrive at Genghis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, at 10:00 tomorrow morning. During this trip, Pope Francis will meet with political authorities in Mongolia. … Read more

Protecting Nature: Pope Francis’ New Encyclical on Environmental Conservation to be Released on Oct. 4

2023-08-30 22:00:42 VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said a new encyclical to protect nature will be released on Oct. 4, the feast day of environmental saint Francis Assisi, amid a brutal world war against the environment. In 2015, the Pope released an encyclical entitled ‘Praised’, highlighting the challenge of climate change and the importance of … Read more

For the pope, the entrepreneur must continue to work, at the risk otherwise of “transforming himself into a speculator”

2023-08-28 21:08:05 By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 3 hours ago, Update just now The pope’s letter was read by Bishop Matthieu Rougé, at the podium of the Meeting of French Entrepreneurs (REF). TIZIANA FABI / AFP For the sovereign pontiff, “human, ethical and spiritual capital is worth more than economic and financial capital”. The … Read more

Promoting Peace and Stability in Niger and the Sahel: Pope Francis’ Call for Diplomatic Solution

2023-08-20 11:51:31 Pope Francis on Sunday called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Niger, where the military took power in late July threatening the stability of the region. “I join the Bishops’ call for peace in the country and stability in the Sahel,” the 86-year-old pontiff said after the weekly Angelus prayer. “I … Read more