Lee Jae-myung “Simultaneous special prosecution is not correct… Yoon Seok-yeol’s side has only been charged with 8 cases”

Candidate Jae-myung Lee responds to the Kwan-Hun debate [국회사진기자단] Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung opposes Yoon Seok-yeol’s argument that a special investigation should be conducted simultaneously on allegations of robbery and accusation. Candidate Jae-myung Lee said at a debate at the Kwanhoon Club today, “Isn’t it true that the corruption of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, … Read more

Ahn Cheol-soo “If legal engineers win, the past and superstition rule Korea”

[사진 제공: 연합뉴스] Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the People’s Party, who declared his candidacy for president, said, “This election is a battle of past versus future, superstition versus science and technology.” . Ahn said through his SNS, “After taking revenge and taking revenge on your opponent for the first year in office, what will you … Read more

Fifth wave of Covid-19, third dose, pension reform … What to remember from Macron’s speech

REPORT – Faced with the epidemic resurgence, and at the dawn of the presidential campaign, the Head of State addressed the French from the Elysee Palace on Tuesday evening. Here is the summary. Ninth speech in twenty months. Faced with the epidemic recovery observed in Europe since the start of the school year, which poses … Read more

Jae-myung Lee, to Daegu, a conservative garden… “I don’t argue with Kim Dae-jung and Park Jeong-hee”

◀ anchor ▶ On the day the opposition party’s presidential candidate was decided, Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung visited Daegu, which is said to be the garden of conservatives. Emphasizing that he is a ruling party candidate from Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, he said that if it was a good policy, Kim Dae-jung … Read more

Joe Biden in Crisis: Lost Focus

On November 3, 2020, Joe Biden achieved a landslide victory over Donald Trump. But the president, who started with high expectations, is now mostly disappointing. What just happened Joe Biden’s spokeswoman is particularly fond of using one word when presenting the government’s agenda to the capital press in Washington. When asked about the numerous problems … Read more