Royal Dropouts: Inside the Rift Between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

2023-04-26 19:14:00 A royal expert now claims: behind the scenes it should look very different … Celia Walden claims to “GB News”: The Royal dropouts “break apart”. “They lead separate lives.” The culprit is that the couple apparently have very different goals and are working on different projects. While in the past you only saw … Read more

“Is Prince William’s Reign Over? The Possible Collapse of the British Monarchy”

2023-04-25 18:47:02 Will Prince William never become king? “Danger of Abolishing Oneself” And although King Charles III. and Co. always try to smile away at all headlines and scandals, according to the latest research results a bleak future for the royals and predict that Prince William and Princess Kate may will never sit on the … Read more

Meghan Markle hopes for acting comeback

Before she became a royal, Meghan Markle (41) made a career as an actress – now she is hoping for a comeback! The ex-‘Suits’ actress recently hired Hollywood dealmaker Adam Lilling. A PR expert claims against the “Mirror”: The Duchess hopes for some acting roles. “There’s a good chance she could get a mini role … Read more

This joke silenced everyone

He remembers a particularly uncomfortable situation in 2018. At that time, Harry and Meghan were newly married and took part in the “Trooping the Color” royal event. Princess Kate asked her sister-in-law what she thought of the event. Meghan Markle said shortly: “Colorful.” As Prince Harry explains, his sweetheart allowed himself a joke. Only: None … Read more

Meghan Markle demands appearance on the palace balcony at the coronation

On May 6, the time has come: King Charles (74) will be crowned in Westminster Abbey in London. The planning for the approximately four-hour ceremony has been in full swing for months. It is considered THE royal highlight of the year. Apparently, Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) don’t want to miss that either. … Read more

King Charles III: Threats & Shouts

Flare between Charles and William over Harry Soon, the royal family could be falling apart altogether! Because after only Prince Harry of King Charles III. & Co. turned away, Prince William is now at loggerheads with his father. Reason: Charles once again shakes hands with Harry and Duchess Meghan for reconciliation, actually wanting to invite … Read more