New Housing Assistance Program for Moroccans Residing Abroad: Details and Criteria Revealed at Madrid Meeting

2023-11-25 20:30:06 The broad outlines of the new housing assistance program, open to Moroccans residing in Morocco or abroad, were presented during a meeting on Saturday in Madrid, as part of the international traveling exhibition “Al Omrane Expo Marocains du world “. According to the Al Omrane Group, this exhibition is part of the implementation … Read more

Zhang Dongliang’s “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” successfully formed a group solo tour “The 21st Story” is about to set sail_Program_Performance_Music

2023-11-10 10:03:00 Original title: Zhang Dongliang’s “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” has successfully formed a group and his solo tour “The 21st Story” is about to set sail. This Friday, the “2023 Almighty Singing and Singing Family Birth Night” of “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” was officially broadcast. The show lasted for nearly 3 months. … Read more

China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival: A Spectacular Showcase of Acrobatic Excellence in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

2023-10-24 03:15:00 original title: Shijiazhuang, Hebei: Acrobatic Art Festival is brilliant On October 23, actors performed at the 19th China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival. Recently, the 19th China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival opened in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. This year’s Acrobatic Art Festival is based on the concept of “a grand gathering of … Read more

Henan Satellite TV writes about the fantastic journey of the Double Ninth Festival – Culture and Entertainment – China Industry Network

2023-10-22 06:57:00 Original title: The “Chinese Festival” series airs a new episode today (title) Henan Satellite TV writes about the Fantasy Journey of the Double Ninth Festival (theme) Tonight’s report (reporter Gao Shuang) Henan Satellite TV’s “2023 Double Ninth Festival Wonderful Tour” of the “Chinese Festival” series was broadcast today. The program presents innovation and … Read more

The story of miscarriage, divorce, and husband finding a new love 10 days later is sad_Wang Yuexin_Life_Work

2023-10-20 10:10:00 Original title: Child miscarriage, divorce, husband finds new love 10 days later, this story is sad Especially Wang Yuexin. Not only did he participate in the program “Breaking Through Troubles” and won the enthusiastic love and popularity of the audience, he also finally realized his dream and successfully held a solo concert! It … Read more

Unlocking the Full Potential of Agri-Food Businesses in the East African Community: €40 Million Program Launched by EAC and EU

2023-10-07 09:58:05 (Ecofin Agency) – The East African Community (EAC), in partnership with the European Union (EU), has launched a €40 million regional program aimed at unlocking the full potential of agri-food businesses in the within the regional bloc. The information comes from an EAC press release published on October 4. This financing is part … Read more