“Al-Marsad News: Disturbing Revelations from a Rapid Support Forces Captain on Deaths and Corruption in the Sudanese Army”

2023-05-13 17:26:42 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A captain in the Rapid Support Forces named Sufyan revealed the death of a large number of Sudanese army soldiers, and called on the officers and soldiers in the Sudanese army to withdraw from the war. Corpses in quantities And he said during a video clip: “The corpses are the right … Read more

Is any microSD good on the Nintendo Switch? Why can the console be slow?

2023-05-12 20:56:52 Many wonder if it is a problem to put any microSD card in the Nintendo Switch for fear of having a problem with the console’s operation. Fortunately no serious problems will happen, but Nintendo’s console may slow down. In this article you will find out why this happens and find out how much … Read more

Early mammals lived fast and died young

66 million years ago, a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs and three-quarters of the planet’s plants and animals. However, some mammals survived and evolved into large beasts, filling the niche left by their Jurassic ‘fellows’. The panodontos, large herbivores that emerged about 66 million years ago, are the first group to emerge among them. Their … Read more

The best way to take a pill for faster effect, according to science

Headaches, contractures, stomach upsetwhich appear and interfere with routine, most of the time they are relieved with taking an analgesic. The desire? Let it take effect as soon as possible. Glass of water, pill or pill in the mouth, swallow and wait for it to do its job. An almost automatic act in which there … Read more