TMB Thanachart An army of investment experts | RYT9

Recently, TMB Thanachart or TTB joins hands with 4 leading asset management company alliances to organize a seminar “ttb investment outlook 2023: capture investment signals for the year of the golden rabbit” with in-depth analysis of trends. market pointing to strong fund targets To help create an opportunity to get a good return on investment. … Read more

God loves the 4 zodiac animals that turn poor into rich in the year of the Rabbit

People born in the year of the Snake may not be too sensitive, but they always shine in the crowd. This animal has a good personality, temperament, openness, and is especially sincere with friends, so it is loved by many people.It is for that reason that in the year of the Rabbit 2023, the predestined … Read more

Folk motifs and modern techniques blend in a set of paintings of cats playing Tet | Cultural

Painter Luong Minh Hoa at his working corner. (Photo: Minh Thu/Vietnam+) Artist Luong Minh Hoa meticulously grinding the layers of paint on the body. He tilted the picture under the sunlight, pleased to see the ancient motifs in Hang Trong folk paintings appear sparkling to adorn the cat that was gradually appearing. The ancients played … Read more

Exciting sports movement in Son La highland in spring day

In the joyful atmosphere of Tet to welcome the Lunar New Year, we went to Co Ma highland commune, Thuan Chau district (Son La) to experience the mass exercise and sports movement. Clip: A football friendly match on New Year’s Day between Fc. Co Ma version – Fc. Po Mau (Co Ma commune, Thuan Chau … Read more

Breakthrough of the 12 zodiac animals in the year of the Rabbit 2023 What is the best age

In the year of the Rabbit 2023, the Rat people will have the most emotional breakthrough, especially single people will meet a good predestined relationship, meet the soul of life, and married people will have more salty feelings. hot.People born in the year of the Ox in the year of the Rabbit will be especially … Read more