“I don’t want to play bank and lend the supplier money that I get back later”

Faced with the energy crisis, an impressive number of households have switched to monthly bills. Walter Peeters from Lommel is one of the customers who have decided to change their payment habits. Since April 1, 2022, households that have a digital meter can choose to pay their energy bills on a monthly basis rather than … Read more

Jurgen refuses to pay his deposit of 2,074 euros, which he considers “twice too high”, but his energy supplier threatens him to close the floodgates: “It’s scandalous”

“This greatly increased amount was imposed unilaterally and was in no way adapted to our consumption,” Jurgen Exelmans told our colleagues at Newspaper. If Jurgen doesn’t pay, Octa+ threatens to stop supplying him with energy. The first time the supplier wanted to increase his down payment, Jurgen refused and the story ended there. This time … Read more

After his picture sparked controversy in front of the Kaaba, the artist “Ahmed Saad” breaks his silence and reveals a surprise about the reason for tattooing his arm

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Saad, revealed the reason for the tattoo on his arm, after the recent criticism of him following his appearance in front of the Kaaba while performing the rituals of Umrah. Ahmed Saad had published a video during the performance of the rituals of Umrah, where he appeared while he … Read more

After it sparked controversy in Kuwait .. new details about the billboard and the disclosure of its owner

Al-Marsad Newspaper: New details were revealed in the incident of the large billboard, which sparked controversy in Kuwait, as the identity of its owner was revealed. It turned out that the painting belonged to a company that was advertising for its products. The municipality removed the billboard after it caused a great controversy between activists … Read more